We began HIS+HER during our wedding planning process as a simple way to graphically represent the two of us becoming one through marriage. However, this representation has since transcended its original purpose and has truly become an extension of our common tastes in: fashion, design, architecture, and living. This site will showcase our personal styles as well as the styles of some of our closest friends.

Our goal for this website is quite simple. We just want to be part of the conversation as it relates to men and women's fashion in this country. Anything else along the way is icing on the cake.


Ever since she became old enough to work, Angelee has been involved in retail in some form or fashion. Since receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Retail Merchandising from Texas Tech University, she has worked on the visual team for J.Crew and served as the Men's Stylist for Nordstrom. Her style icons include Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Bianca Jagger, and her late mother, Priscilla.


Eddie comes from an architectural background. He received his Master's Degree of Architecture from Texas Tech University, and has been working as a designer in Dallas ever since. He also shares Angelee's passion for fashion and style and tries to express it daily through his wardrobe. Eddie's style can be described as classic Americana coupled with modern Italian-inspired fit.