As we’ve thoroughly documented, we had the great privilege of visiting Italy and Paris last year (holy crap, it’s 2019!)— and as you can imagine, we saw a lot of very stylish fellows.

City to city, the dress varied quite a bit, but one thing remained consistent: the quality of style. So coming back to Dallas, I felt super inspired by what we saw and decided to put together three looks based on the stylings of the cities we spent the most time in: Paris, Florence, and Rome.


The fashion capital of the world. My look coming back from Paris was not too different than my look going in: casual and minimal. Not until this past year did I finally start wearing BLACK (groundbreaking, I know), so what better place to attempt a ‘chic’ look than Paris?


Black A.P.C. jeans, a black cashmere sweater, stark white sneakers, and a taupe-colored topcoat with unique texture to top off the look.

…All I was missing from this outfit was a cigarette. The Parisians really do stick to this uniform of all black with finishing touches… or just all black.



The Italians do everything better… and the Italians in Florence do it best. From the food to the fashion, Florence was our favorite stop during our trip. Of all the cities in Italy we visited, Florence was the most stylish and just felt the most Italian.


To be honest, I didn’t see as many gents in suits as I thought I would throughout our trip. But what I did notice, was that the guys in Florence kicked everything up a notch. Whether it was an occasional suit or a pair of statement shoes, these fellas stood out. So in honor of Florence, I put together the following:

A deep green turtleneck, slim jeans, and a pair of classic loafers (that I acquired on the trip). I’ve already sported this look out in Dallas a couple times it’s received many kind words from from friends and strangers alike.

I’ve recently started wearing long socks with loafers during the colder months. It’s functional and also gives you a more unique way to style your loafers.

I’ve recently started wearing long socks with loafers during the colder months. It’s functional and also gives you a more unique way to style your loafers.



Hands down, the most influential city of our trip was Rome (more on WHY below). While Florence may have been our favorite city to visit, the sights of Rome (both major and minor) were perhaps the most impactful. It was in Rome that we saw The Pantheon, and a block away, saw stylish parents picking up their kids from school. So needless to say, we had a wide range of experiences in this historic city.


Of all the things we saw in Rome, two things stood out the most:

Vespa scooters and the “Rome Dress Code”.

The “Rome Dress Code” for men consisted of the following elements:

Jeans, a crew-neck sweater, a button-down collar shirt, and a Barbour jacket. I just went ahead and added some comfortable dress boots and gloves for the ride.


Now, I’m always down for a good field jacket, but it was this Roman holiday that pushed me to buy the best of them all: the Barbour wax jacket


I can’t lie, our trip to Italy also influenced my decision to make another purchase upon our return home:

This Portofino Green Vespa GTV.

About a week after expressing to Angelee and my brother my (re)ignited interest in getting a Vespa, my good friend posted this beauty he was selling… ON MY BIRTHDAY. So naturally, I had to make the “calculated impulse” decision to make it mine... And I haven’t regret for a second.