I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Knot Standard to get fitted for a custom suit. Now as you well know, I'm certainly not new to suit shopping, but admittedly, this is my first ever custom suit.

Jesse, my assigned stylist, was patient, precise, and pleasant the entire time. Really everyone at Knot Standard was great, but if you're heading in to the Dallas location, I highly recommend working with Jesse for your custom suit. Keep reading to see my breakdown of the process...

1. Initial Greeting & Conversation

Before we got started with the official process, Angelee and I scoped out their beautiful shop (which is about to be renovated to make it even better!) and chatted with Jesse about a general direction for my suit.

Knot Standard-13.jpg
Knot Standard-14.jpg
Knot Standard-15.jpg
Knot Standard-16.jpg
Knot Standard-1.jpg

2. Material Selection

From the outer shell all the way down to the liner piping, I got to customize every detail I could imagine for my suit. I decided to go with a pretty conservative outer shell for versatility and went bolder with the lining. I seriously plan on wearing this suit to weddings, meetings, and everything in between. 

Knot Standard-6.jpg

This wool from Holland & Sherry was exactly what I was looking for.

Knot Standard-7.jpg
Knot Standard-8.jpg

3. The Measuring

The fit-- arguably the most important part of a suit (or any garment of clothing in my opinion). This is where Jesse's precision really shined. We measured areas I never would've thought of, and I hopped off the stage feeling super confident.

Knot Standard-10.jpg
Knot Standard-11.jpg
Knot Standard-9.jpg

4. The Delivery

This is all that's left to experience and it's obviouslywhat I'm most excited about. I'll be reporting back in 4-6 weeks with the final product!