Hello?? Is anyone there?

As you may have noticed, we've been slacking pretty hard in taking the time to produce "blog content" lately-- really all of 2018. We had previously whipped up such content pretty steadily, as we would systematically: pick a couple outfits for the week, shoot photos, write up the copy, and post to the blog. This was a process we'd become accustomed to and enjoyed the last 4+ years, but recently, we've felt less of a desire (and obligation) to crank out this type of content. We've talked for years about generating a little less fashion content and more lifestyle content, so that is what we are finally setting out to do. Now I know the term "lifestyle" is broad and overused, so to be a little more specific, we want to share content that: speaks to the two of us as a couple, talks about the items/brands/etc. that we're into at the moment, and peeks a little more into our personal lives. That's not to say we won't be sharing outfit posts, but instead, we'll attempt to express our interests in a more authentic way, while offering more variety to YOU.

That said, we are so excited to begin this new path with another update... 


With this new shift, we thought it best to rethink the way you navigate our site. We've added a LIFESTYLE category that populates all of our content that has a less to do with fashion, and more with everything else. We imagine we'll break it down even further from there, but for now, this will be the catch-all for our lifestyle content.

So we hope you enjoy this new direction, because we sure are excited to share it with you!