This weekend, the two of us were feeling a little nostalgic and decided to try some sartorial moves we haven't used since we were in elementary/middle school.




Though he wasn't ridiculously strict all the time, my dad proudly served in the Navy, and some of those habits definitely stuck with him into fatherhood. We couldn't leave the dinner table until our plates were empty, we had to take quick showers, and he even made us do calisthenics. As it pertains to "fashion", I remember being in middle school and my dad making me tuck in my shirt everyday... EVERYDAY-- even t-shirts! Up until (very) recently, I have been very much against tucking in t-shirts. However, with all-things 90s coming back full force (I'm on board with about everything else), it was inevitable that the (thoughtfully) tucked-in t-shirt would make its way back.

Now don't be fooled, it's a tricky look to pull off, but with a couple simple tips, you'll be set. FIRST: The t-shirt. Make sure your t-shirt is either well-fitted (but not tight) or intentionally large (to truly channel some of those 90s vibes). SECOND: The bottoms. This part is just as vital as the actual t-shirt in my opinion. Make sure your pants (yes, PANTS-- I'm not sold on tucking into shorts yet) complement your shirt. Slim pants with a billowy top OR loose pants (another 90s comeback) with a slim top both work well! Here, I opted for slim top, slim pants for a more contemporary look.


T-Shirt: H&M | Pants: Suitsupply (also dig these) | Shoes: Suitsupply (similar) | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Sunglasses: Warby Parker x Off-White (sold out, but I also love these and these)


I remember being as young as elementary school and being obsessed with knotting the front/side of my t-shirt. It stemmed from the trend that arrived just before I was old enough to really get into it (though the original trend often involved a plastic ring-- it was very involved, lol).

I noticed a shirt on-line that was made to be knotted (allowing me to reminisce on my younger years) so I went for it! Yep, I just couldn't let this shirt pass me by. What I love about this look, especially for summer, is that paired with a high-waisted pair of pants or shorts, it can accentuate your waist in the best way. So as summer winds down, don't be afraid grab a loose shirt and try it out!


Top: SheIn | Pants: ASOS | Shoes: Jeffery Campbell | Handbag: Nastygal (similar here) | Sunglasses: BP. | Studs: Gojana | Ring: Gojana | Lip: NYX