We, well-- I am so excited about Suistudio. As you may already know, Eddie LOVES Suitsupply, and the brand has finally broken into womenswear! With the addition of Suistudio, the brand has created a well-executed collection for the female professional.

They have taken the great textures and patterns from the men's line and implemented them beautifully and effortlessly to create Suistudio. From dresses to pant suits, you name it, Suistudio created it. I immediately fell in love with this blue linen crop top. I couldn't stop thinking of all the different ways I was going to be able to wear it... So I copped it! And don't mind me, as I also bought white shorts to wear with it too. I totally justified both pieces with how long summer is going to last in Texas. In case you're wondering...September. They're going make wonderful transitional pieces!

Suistudio provided so many pieces to wardrobe together as suiting and suit separates. Since I work in a business casual/casual environment, I will be wearing these pieces more casually. Not gonna lie, I really wanted to buy a suit (LOL), but I refrained from doing so....SIGH.

Do yourself a favor and check out the website! You won't regret it.

Top: SUISTUDIO | Bottoms: SUISTUDIO | Shoes: Jeffery Campbell | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Socks: ASOS | Earrings: Nordstrom + Gojana | Lip: Buxom