This outfit is inspired by true events.

This isn't the first time I rock a shorts/blazer combo. It's been a while, but after a recent visit to my neighborhood Suitsupply, I left inspired. I was assisted by my buddy Christian who was wearing a perfectly-tailored blue seersucker suit whose trousers he had converted to shorts. Now, I'm not sure I'm sporting it as well as he did that day, but I credit him with reminding me how much I love this combination.

Can we also talk about this shirt? As you can tell by my last post, I've very much been into these bold/patterned shirts for the summer. In a way, they make me feel like I'm right by the beach... and that makes the heat a little more bearable. After all, it's all about the small victories.

Jacket: Suitsupply (similar here) | Shirt: H&M | Shorts: H&M | Shoes: J.Crew | Sunglasses: Moscot (also dig these) | Belt: Suitsupply (just like this one) | Watch: Omega (vintage) | Pocket Square: J.Crew