Lately, I have been trying to minimize the time it takes me to get ready on the reg. From my hair, to my makeup, and even my outfits-- I want to spend less time in the bathroom and more time enjoying the day. So what does this look like, you might ask?

Hair - Air dry with a little hair serum.

Makeup - Concealer, translucent powder, blush, highlighter, mascara, and nude lip.

Wardrobe - Usually the first thing that catches my eye.

What does your routine look like? Any tips??

For today's post, this top (we could not not talk about this top!) definitely makes me feel like I could concur the world. My very own cape! With my current to do list and my Wonder Woman-esque ensemble, I am definitely going to kick some ass and take names...Watch out world! 

Top: SheIn | Jeans: Madewell | Shoes: Gucci (love these) | Sunglasses: Celine | Clutch: American Apparel (Check this one out!) | Earrings: Gorjana + Nordstrom | Lip: MAC