Are any of you out there guilty of buying pieces that you've wanted for a really long time, only to never wear them for fear of "getting them dirty" or "wearing them down"?

Yeah, it's dumb, but that's how I've been with these beautiful boots of mine. I got them for my birthday this past December, and their peanut-butter-suede has me paranoid about seeing them under anything less than perfect condition (I know, life is hard). 

So in an effort to get over this phobia, I threw on this casual outfit I wore for an event a few weeks ago. I really like the way the cut of these tapered Levi's jeans hit my boots, and I've been practically living in this jean jacket since I bought it a few months back. And to balance out all this denim, I grabbed my short-sleeve polka-dot shirt (that always seems to bring me compliments, even though it's just H&M and I've owned it for 4 years) for a cool edge.

Jacket: Levi's | Shirt: H&M (just like this one) | Jeans: Levi's | Boots: Saint Laurent | Sunglasses: Moscot (similar) | Watch: Shinola