Yes, it's played and tired blog title, but I can't help myself sometimes. Besides, proverbial low hanging fruit tastes good when it works this well.  

There's kind of a lot to say about this outfit in particular, so I'll start with the most general:   

I am dressing more casually these days.

That said, I'm not necessarily stowing away all my blazers and loafers. I just think that perhaps I need to work on incorporating more casual looks into the blog in order to: 1) share a more accurate representation of where my style currently lies and 2) push me to think more critically about my casual attire.    

So to dive into this particular outfit, I was actually chomping at the bit to photograph this look because it includes some of my current favorite pieces and moves. First, THE JACKET: I've worn this sucker a couple times to various events, but hadn't showcased it on the blog because its shawl lapel/double-breasted combo had me thinking it may be too formal to throw on with just any outfit. WRONG! Its linen/cotton makeup and playful stripes make it a prime candidate to dress down. Next, THE SHOES: I've wanted a pair of Common Projects sneakers for years, and finally pulled the trigger on this fresh black pair to help satisfy my New Year's resolution of wearing more black. Be ready to see me in these all year long! Finally, THE CASUAL MOVES: On any given Saturday morning, you'll likely find me wearing some slim joggers, sneakers, an Ebbets Field Vintage cap, and t-shirt. Given how ubiquitous the above "uniform" is, I felt it vital enough to bring some of that into this look, again, for accuracy/authenticity. 

So there you have it-- a look thoughtful enough to wear out and about, but casual enough for brunch.  

Jacket: Eleventy Milano | T-Shirt: J.Crew | Jeans: DL1961 (similar) | Shoes: Common Projects | Hat: Ebbets Field Flannels (just like this one) | Glasses: Tom Ford | Watch: Shinola