Seasons come and go, but a big transition is from winter to spring. Spring is the cue for fewer layers and more skin right before the dead heat of summer. Year around, I love wearing dresses because it's effortless and makes me feel womanly. Dresses in the spring also allow for an exposed leg.

From puberty up until late high school, I always felt self conscious of my legs. I think it came with the complex of being short and having short, squatty legs. After school during my childhood, my mother would make me to walk up and down the hallway on my tip toes for five minutes. I must also mention, after this task, I had to balance a book on top of my head and walk down the hallway (for posture of course! I was completely clueless at the time).  I absolutely dreaded coming home knowing I had to do both exercises before homework.

Now as an adult, I am so grateful my mother forced this upon me. Little did I know and understand that she wanted me to have strong, nice looking legs. Who would have known I would carry these muscular calves from then until now!?! (My mother, that's who, lol) 

Dresses may not be your thing and that's quite alright. Find that outfit that speaks to you and helps express who you are. Remember to flatter your best qualities because frankly, it makes you feel confident in being who you are. And that never goes out of style!

Now, please excuse me because these legs were made for walking.

Dress: ASOS | Shoes: Forever 21 | Handbag: ALLSAINTS | Lip: Dior | Sunglasses: Celine | Earrings: Nordstrom + Gorjana | Necklace: Shinola (love these) | Rings: Forever 21 + Gorjana