I must admit, it's been a while since I've felt the need to wear a suit-- let alone one with the flair of a double-breasted.

It's weird, because while a double-breasted suit may come off as stuffy in many settings, I always feel super confident and comfortable while wearing one. However, those feelings are often countered by my thoughts on "dressing for the occasion". And while I much rather err on the side of over-dressing, being too dressed up doesn't always feel great in this current culture of CASUAL. Thus, we arrive at my current conundrum (I hope you were able to keep up with that semi-incoherent stream of thought).

But sometimes you just need to play dress-up.

By that, I mean instead of wearing your go-to suit for your next client meeting, try sporting a wide-lapel double-breasted suit and command attention (and the room) that way. Got a gala or other special event your boss invited you to last minute? Show out in your double-breasted jacket or suit. The older gents will admire and reminisce about the last time these jackets were popular (seriously-- this happens to me almost every time), while the hip/young-at-heart crowd will nod in recognition of your boldness. So I challenge you (and myself) to be a little bolder next time you get the opportunity. 

Suit: Suitsupply | Shirt: Suitsupply | Tie: Suitsupply | Shoes: Suitsupply (just like these) | Pocket Square: Suitsupply (also dig this one) | Glasses: Warby Parker