HELLO, 2017

Happy New Year! Every new year it seems I always try to set too many goals, or even worse, unrealistic goals. This year I had to stop this toxic trend I set for myself.  I decided that I wanted to be a better version of me. 

What does this entail? Well for starters, I wanted to not just set goals just because it is a new year, but I wanted to keep an open mind about setting goals throughout the year. Also, I shouldn't be so hard on myself when goals change. Change is inevitable, and I should think of it as improving the original goal. 

One of my dreams/goals was to be meet someone I saw as an inspiration, and the gorgeous, I mean GORGEOUS, new Forty-Five Ten building downtown gave me the opportunity to do so. I TOTALLY had the chance to meet THE Iris Apfel. I decided to jump at this and decided to wear some cool, effortless duds. Iris is just as amazing in person as she is in photos and her documentary. I was a total fan girl and was at a loss for words once it was my turn to meet her! 

Even though there weren't many words exchanged, I did have a takeaway from our interaction. Iris' admirable disposition is aspirational!  I hope that I have the opportunity to exude as much positivity and life as Iris (and to carry it in such style as she does!).

Watch out 2017, I'm coming for ya.

Top: H&M  (similar here)| Jeans: Madewell | Hat: Yellow 108 | Shoes: Aldo (old, love these) | Coat: Coffeeshop | Cuff: All the Wire | Lip: NYX