There's simply no escaping the wrath of this blistering July sun.

That said, rather than taking cover in the (ever-so-scarce) shade I'm tackling it head on with the help of some sprezzatura. Now I'm sure by now most of you have become familiar with the term, but for those who aren't, sprezzatura is an Italian term meaning "a studied nonchalance". It's basically what comprises the effortlessly cool aspect of some of the most stylish Italian icons (e.g. Gianni Agnelli, Lino Leluzzi) as well as local sartorialists like my buddy Nicholas Bozich who does it as well as anyone I know. So whether it's an unbuttoned cuff, a extra long tie, or unbuckled monk straps, the key to nailing "sprezz" is making it your own without trying too hard. 

Jacket: Suitsupply (just like this one) | Shirt: Ralph Lauren (similar here) | Pants: Banana Republic | | Belt: Suitsupply (also dig this one) | Tie: Billy Reid (similar) | Shoes: Suitsupply | Sunglasses: RayBan | Watch: Shinola