Not that I'd ever want to paint myself into a corner, but if I were ever asked to choose just one outfit by which my style could be defined, it would no doubt include: a pair of jeans and tassel loafers. I absolutely love the versatility of this combo-- it easily transitions from day to night, all while exuding an effortless level of style.

There is also a beauty in the dichotomy of the two parts: tassel loafers are frivolous in nature-- a simple slip-on shoe with a dumb moment of decoration lying on the vamp like a Victorian throw pillow. Jeans on the other hand (perhaps America's greatest contribution to fashion), are undeniably utilitarian-- no matter how dark, selvedge, or even expensive, you're not wearing them in formal settings. Thus, the combination of these two items makes zero sense but all the sense in the world. However, you must ensure your jeans fit perfectly and that your loafers lean more Pitti Uomo than 80's lawyer to pull off this look successfully.

Admittedly, I complain a lot about Texas summers, but wearing jeans and tassel loafers (sans socks) is one of the few little delights I enjoy in this heat.


Jacket: Cantarelli (also dig this one) | Shirt: Canali (just like this one) | Jeans: Levi's | Shoes: J.Lindberg (similar here) | Handkerchief: Hadleigh's (check this one out) | Sunglasses: RayBan | Watch: Shinola