As a child, I always loved starting a new school year because it meant BTS shopping. My favorite thing to check off that shopping list was buying a new pair of sneakers. It was not only to impress my girlfriends but also the boys. I felt if I could impress my guy classmates that it somehow gave me more creditability. From Nike Air Maxx's to Penny Hardaway's, I had to have them all!

Once I saw these Huaraches, I felt like I was a twelve year old all over again. And, how could I say no to the color teal?!? One thing one needs to know about sneakers: it's always about the exclusive colors period. Needless to say, I had to comp this pair to add to my wardrobe. Who knew being a sneakerhead would lead me to my husband?

 The story goes like this... 

I worked at FootAction for a period of time while I was in college. Like I stated before, I have always had an obsession with shoes that I have never grown out of, and this job enabled my habits. One day I recognized three guys walking into the store, and unbeknownst to me, one of those young men was Eddie. I started friendly conversation with one of his friends, Freddie, and he introduced me to his two friends. As Eddie turned around from the shoe wall to be introduced to me and I laid eyes on him, I knew at that exact moment I would marry him. Eddie never knew about my feelings that day until after we were married.

And to this day, if God gave me the opportunity to live life all over again, I would ALWAYS choose him.


Dress: ASOS | Shoes: Nike (more colors here) | Watch: Michael Kors (also love this one) | Rings: Forever21