We found ourselves taking it easy this past Saturday morning. After a fun night out to catch DJ Sober with some old college friends (that ended with a trip to Whataburger), we slowly got out of bed and ran over to the Joule for some fuel at Weekend Coffee. As you probably know by now, the short walk from our loft to the Joule has become a weekend tradition of sorts. Following that, we strolled over to the Post Office to check on a package, then scurried home to spend the day with our dear friend, Mikael, who is moving to Florida this week.

Throughout the day, we couldn't stop listening to the new Chance the Rapper album, Coloring Book, as well as some highlights from Drake's Views. Check out our truncated playlist below:


"All We Got" - Chance the Rapper
"Summer Friends" - Chance the Rapper
"No Problem" - Chance the Rapper
"One Dance" - Drake
"Child's Play" - Drake
"Weston Road Flows" - Drake
"With You" - Drake

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