As I've expressed before, I've been a little obsessed with bold stripes lately. This obsession has even transcended shirts and now includes this new blazer.

I landed this jacket recently, and while I had reservations about the unique cut and button stance, I must admit that I'm really excited about it due (basically entirely) to these bold stripes. They offer an old world feel to a modern jacket. I've looked through all my usual shopping nooks and crannies for something similar, but it really is difficult to yield results. These stripes definitely limit what I can pair with the jacket, but I've got enough simple pieces to play second fiddle all spring/summer long.

Jacket: TM Lewin (similar here) | Shirt: Suitsupply | Pants: Banana Republic | Shoes: Zara (just like these)| Tie: The Tie Bar (similar) | Pocket Square: The Tie Bar (exactly like this one) | Glasses: Tom Ford | Belt: Suitsupply (dig this one too) | Watch: Daniel Wellington