I must admit that there are several perks to being married to Eddie Fortuna. In addition to the love we have for one another, he is quite the gentleman. He always remembers to open doors, pull out my chair, and to not walk ahead of me, leaving me to catch up. I will say that I do have a few favorite gestures of his. So, gentlemen, in case you forgot and maybe didn't even know (it's okay, there are some I didn't even realize), keep these in your back pocket... I absolutely love, love when Eddie: walks closest to the street. I feel he is protecting his precious cargo (aka me) when we stroll the downtown streets. I also love when he unselfishly gives me his blazer when it gets unexpectedly cold outside. In my heart, it reinforces 'I am his, and he is mine.' The small gestures of my gentleman truly make me feel like a lady. So cheers to all the gentlemen out there who show that chivalry is not dead!

Top: Zara (love this one) | Pants: Madewell | Blazer: Tommy Hilfiger (similiar here) | Hat: Kate Spade | Shoes: Topshop | Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Bracelet: Kate Spade | Pocketsquare: J.Crew