October is always a big month for me and my siblings. One…We celebrate the my late mother’s birthday. Two…Breast Cancer Awareness.

You see, I lost my mother at the early age of ten due to her battle with breast cancer.

I know I am not the only one affected by breast cancer (or cancer for that matter), so I find it important to share my story to give comfort and hope even though my story doesn’t have a happy ending. 

Growing up, I was definitely a momma’s girl. My mother did EVERYTHING for me. Priscilla Bravo was the apple of my eye. She was the not only the beauty of the family, but also, an impeccable housewife and mother. My mom was that type of mother who would randomly show up with home baked goods or gifts for my classmates. She also always wanted to look her best and expected nothing less of me. Did I mention how much she loved jewelry? I kid you not that it felt like she had a ring for every finger, and do not get me started on her collection of bangles and bracelets.

With the diagnosis of breast cancer, there were many adjustments that came along with it. My mother started chemotherapy and radiation. Soon after, due to the fatigue, she found it difficult to get ready each day. Being from Texas, my mother took pride in having her hair done. She was an avid believer in ‘the bigger the hair the closer to God’. Unfortunately, one of the biggest changes was when chemo caused her to lose her hair. So getting ready and doing her hair became difficult to do. 

September 24th, 1994, in the wee hours of the morning, all of my family members rushed to the hospital. How can a father begin to tell his youngest daughter that her mother has passed away? There is no easy way. 

Through the many years it took for me to cope, I am able to see what my mother left me with. Priscilla taught me the importance of family and being a lady. I carry her heart and joy with me when I get ready each and every day. I specifically think fondly of her each time I wear her bangle on my right arm. It’s been 22 years, and it’s time to add another piece in memory of her resilient battle with breast cancer. I wanted this piece to be special and personalized, and I knew exactly who I trusted, All the Wire. All the Wire was not only able to hand-stamp "I carry you in my heart", but the icing on the cake was "Priscilla" hand-stamped in the interior of the bracelet. 

All the Wire 1
All the Wire 2
All the Wire 4