Happy New Year, guys! It's finally January, which means winter is in full swing. This also means that it's time to pull out the heavy fabrics without any fear (okay maybe a little fear— it is Texas after all) of any warm weather surprises. My choice today is this wool herringbone jacket that works well with virtually any outfit. This jacket is cut slim and short making it perfect for running around, while its texture simply screams winter. I swear, this jacket is slowly but surely becoming my favorite of the season.


I must say, I really love these new boots from J Shoes. I've got plenty of shoes in my closet (perhaps too many) but I've been missing a casual boot that I can thrown on with any pair of jeans and that are comfortable to run around in all day. That, coupled with the cool green color made them a must-have for me.  

Jacket: Suitsupply (similar here) | Shirt: H&M (also dig this one) | Jeans: H&M (similar) | Boots: J Shoes | Tie: Ovadia & Sons (just like this one) | Tie Bar: Billy Reid | Pocket Square: The Tie Bar (similar here) | Glasses: Warby Parker | Watch: Shinola