I love winter (in Dallas). I walk more often, I'm generally more productive... I even listen to different music in colder weather. I find myself listening to a lot more jazz this time of year, to the point where my wardrobe is even affected by it— consisting of tones that match my favorite type of weather: overcast and gloomy (hence this blog title's inspiration). And even though this outfit is a little dull at first glance, it touches on some of my favorite style moves in one fell swoop: seasonal textures, pattern mixing, and complex simplicity. 

Jacket: Suitsupply (just like this one) | Shirt: Suitsupply (similar here) | Pants: H&M (also dig these) | Shoes: Suitsupply (similar) | Tie: The Tie Bar (love this one too) | Pocket Square: The Tie Bar (similar) | Watch: Shinola | Glasses: Warby Parker | Socks: J.Crew (similar)