Even though it's at the height of its popularity right now (right, Mr. Gyllenhaal?), I haven't really exercised the "air tie" look in a while. However, I really wanted to wear my Stan Smith's again and thought that this windowpane suit would pair nicely with them. Not wanting to go too formal, I opted for some pattern play with this [short-sleeve] polka-dot shirt and ditched the tie. The inherent nerdiness of a short-sleeve button-down polka-dot shirt inspired me to go full "nerd" and button it all the way up. The short sleeves sure do help in this heat (especially if you MUST wear a jacket), but remember to stay hydrated! I've been obsessed with Vita Coco lately-- all natural, with the same amount of electrolytes as sports drinks (and WAY less sugar)?? Yes, please!

Photos by Joshua Fortuna

HIS: Suit: J.Crew (just like this one) | Shirt: H&M (similar here) | Shoes: Adidas | Belt: H&M | Pocket Square: The Tie Bar (similar) | Sunglasses: RayBan