Whether it's for church, a wedding, or just because-- you might find yourself wearing a suit outside the office. If/when you do, I've got a few tips that'll prevent you from feeling like you've got a client meeting.

1. Ditch the tie:
Especially if it's summertime, there is no reason to throw on a tie when you don't have to. Besides, leaving the tie at home puts more emphasis on the suit and makes you look like you always wear suits just because. And there's nothing cooler than that.

2. Go sock-less:
If the weather permits, opt for a more casual (and comfortable) look.

3. Wear a suit you might not typically wear to work:
To be honest, I hardly ever wear double-breasted jackets at the office. Even though all the magazines encourage it, it is a bold statement; and if you're meeting with clients who don't get it, it could become an unnecessary distraction when you're making your pitch. So for this outfit, I'm all in for the double-breasted

Suit: Suitsupply (Soho fit) | Shirt: Canali (similar here) | Shoes: Magnanni (just like these) | Watch: Shinola | Sunglasses: RayBan