NEED VOL. 2.11 (OCT. 2015)

I recently had the opportunity to work with NEED, an online menswear retailer and magazine located here in Dallas.

We had been following them on Instagram for a while but only admired them from afar (isn't that the case with most social-media-driven relationships?). So when they reached out to collaborate for this month's edition, I was pretty excited-- they consistently deliver quality work (writing and photography) coupled with some cool looks. If you check out the edition on their site, you'll see that they've accomplished that yet again. However, what was most impressive and pleasant was the behind-the-scenes aspect of this collaboration. Meeting and communicating with Kari and Nazish was always a treat, and the team they assembled with Mills and Danny (who provided art direction and photography respectively) was a pleasure to work with. 

So enough with the words, go check out the edition

Bellfield Cardigan-2.jpg