As you guys know, I'm most comfortable and confident when running around in a blazer and tassel loafers. However, today I opted for a more casual look that works for just about any occasion. From brunch in Uptown to drinks in Deep Ellum, the layers I've chosen can be peeled away or left as shown here depending on your surroundings.

Jacket: Old Navy (super old, but check out this one) | Shirt: Banana Republic (just like this one) | Tie:Billy Reid (similar) | Pants: H&M (similar here) | Shoes: Suitsupply (also dig these) | Watch: Lucien Piccard (similar) | Sunglasses: RayBan


This was truly a treat. 

We recently had the opportunity to tour the currently-under-renovation Statler Hilton Hotel with the Infinite Agency. Not only is this midcentury building a Dallas staple, but it's long been one of our favorite buildings downtown and is right across the park from our loft. With the hotel still under construction, it's almost as if we were telegraphing an evening spent here once it opens. Dressed in some of our favorite evening duds, it's now a little more clear what night on the roof deck or in front of the grand stair will feel like. The Statler is scheduled to open late next year, and we can't wait to be neighbors!

(Photos by Rico DeLeon)

HIS: Jacket: Suitsupply (similar here) | Shirt: Canali (just like this one) | Pants: Banana Republic | Shoes: Del Toro | Handkerchief: The Tie Bar (same one here) | Glasses: Warby Parker | Watch: Daniel Wellington

HER: Shirt: H&M (similar here) | Shorts: Tildon | Shoes: Zara (love these too!) | Bow Tie: ASOS | Clutch: American Apparel (similar)| Watch: Michele


In case you were wondering, I am most definitely a Notorious B.I.G fan. My love for hip-hop has been with me as long as I can remember. This beauty (the sweater) was a surprise! One of my best friends, JB Sosa, gifted this sweater to me, and I was totally STOKED! To paint you a picture, if any Biggie song were to come on at any moment when we are together, we lose our minds (and of course sing along!) 

I immediately knew how I wanted to sport it out on the streets. I had to add femininity to this oversized sweater with my floral print skirt. Oh, and you can't forget the sneakers! If you want to up the ante, you could totally wear some retro Dunks or Jordan's with this little number "for your flashy ways."

Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters | Skirt: Movida (love this one!) | Sneakers: Nike | Watch: Michele | Sunglasses: Wild Fox | Bracelet: J. Crew | Earrings: Stella & Dot | Lip: Ruby Woo


Fall is here!!! Fall can definitely be tricky here until typically October. Either way, layers are good because you can take them away to escape the heat and to change up your look for the evening. I felt by adding this blazer to my playful stripe dress, people would know that I meant business in workplace. In the spirit of fall, I added a little sock to ease the eye into the ankle bootie. Cheers everyone!! We made it to Fall! 

Dress: Asos | Blazer: Madewell (old, the Regent is a must!) | Shoes: B.P. | Clutch: Truffle | Socks: Hue | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban |Earrings: Nordstrom | Lip: Stila (Patina)


Fitted navy blazer, open shirt, slim khaki trousers, small round sunglasses, and half-buckled monk-strap shoes...

None of these items stand out individually, or even when composed together, but that's why they work so well together. Now, I'm definitely not against wearing items that stand out, but I always admire the ease and style with which the Italians wear such simple pieces. Usually they do it with a cigarette carelessly between their fingers (I still need to pick up that smoking habit), but I'll settle for a smokeless look.

Jacket: Suitsupply (similar here) |Shirt: Suitsupply (just like this one) | Pants: J.Crew | Pocket Square: Madewell | Belt: Suitsupply (also dig this one) | Shoes: Magnanni | Watch: Omega (vintage) | Sunglasses: Moscot (similar)


I may be biased, but DAMN, Dallas has a beautiful skyline! Luckily, I have the best tour guide to find the best views of our city... Eddie Fortuna. On our mini adventure, I aimed for comfort and femininity. This new shirt and my favorite jeans kept me comfortable, while these go-to nude heels left me feeling pretty as we enjoyed our view of downtown. Thank you Eddie for taking me to new heights in appreciating our city!

Top: Asos | Jeans: Madewell | Heels: Zara (love these!) | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Earrings: Nordstrom | Rings: gorjana | Polish: Butter


The temperature is dropping, but the leaves are still green, so I decided to mimic that with this outfit. I was initially a little worried about combining these greens for a couple reasons. One, it's a lot of green. Two, the tones and textures (even though both pieces are cotton) don't really match one another. However, after pulling a couple different shirt options to balance it all out, a crisp white shirt shirt worked best. It's completely neutral, so it blends right in, yet it's so stark that it breaks up the greens and keeps this ensemble from looking kitschy. 

Jacket: Suitsupply (also dig this one) | Pants: H&M (similar here) | Shirt: J.Press (just like this one) | Shoes: Wall+Water (also love these) | Watch: Lucien Piccard (similar here) | Glasses: Warby Parker | Belt: American Apparel (similar) | Pocket Square: The Tie Bar (just like this one)


Gingham seems to always bring a smile to my face! You can truly make a statement with this woven fabric especially in the spring and summer months. Since the heat tends to linger in Texas, I might even be able to wear this dress a few more times this season. So even though fall is here, I say farewell to this dress with a smile on my face for two reasons:

1) Because before I know it, I'll be able to pull out this classic number trying to dodge the heat

2) I COULD find new ways to wear this dress for fall

Either way, I couldn't be more ecstatic that fall is here, right!?

Dress: Chicwish (similar here) | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Clutch: Tory Burch (Love this red one!) | Sunglasses: Tom Ford | Watch: Michele | Earrings: Stella and Dot | Bracelets: Francesa's | Rings: Forever XXI + Gorjana


As I have said many times on many social media platforms, this is one of my favorite times of year. Early September: college football is underway (WRECK 'EM TECH!), the leaves will start to turn soon, and [the thick of the] Texas summer is behind us! As it pertains to this blog, it also means fall fashion, and I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't excited about that too.

Now, although I'm glad fall weather is approaching, there are a couple things I'll miss about dressing for summer:

  1. Going sock-less.  There is such a cool feeling (literally and figuratively) about the casual nature of being sock-less* in your favorite loafers or double-monks
    *I never actually go sock-less. No-show socks all day for me!
  2. Light fabrics. This summer has been full of linens and light cottons to beat the heat. And even though I'm glad I won't need them anymore, I'll certainly miss the way they look.
  3. Wearing WHITE. I've enjoyed running around in my new Stan Smith sneakers and white jeans (pictured here). But you know the rule: NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY. So it looks like I'll have to store them away until next year. Actually, no-- I've always thought that if it's warm, sunny, and feels like spring that it's okay to wear white. So don't be shocked or offended if you see me in white sneakers later in the month, because my fellow Texans know how summer likes to linger.

Jacket: Suitsupply (also dig this one) | Jeans: DL1961 (just like these) | Shirt: J.Crew | Shoes: Suitsupply (similar here) | Pocket Square: The Tie Bar (just like this one) | Belt: J.Crew | Watch: Shinola | Glasses: Tom Ford


I've been enjoying the last days of summer running around downtown, especially since the temperature is slowly dropping. Our neighborhood seems to be growing by the minute, and we're so excited about all the new places that have opened and are about to open! Construction is underway at The Statler Hilton (eep!)Americano-- opening at the Joule next month, and all the new development along Elm Street. Needless to say, I am a PROUD downtown Dallas girl. Now, let's see what kind of trouble can I get into around here!

Top: XXI | Shorts: J.Crew (tons of colors here) | Hat: J.Crew | Handkerchief: Madewell | Shoes: Topshop (just like these) | Sunglasses: RayBan | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Earrings: Nordstrom